Unique Features and Characteristics


KNOW-HOW has produced a system of epoch-making technical theories
novel to the world of undergarment manufacture. The KNOW-HOW provides
Superb Fit, Functionality and the Enhancement of Beautiful Body Lines,
regardless whether the body is at rest or in motion. The KNOW-HOW concept
is based on exhaustive research conducted from an anatomical viewpoint,
concentrating on the waist, abdomen, crotch and derriere as an integral
combination with respect to the skeleton, fat tissues and muscles. Thorough
research has also been conducted on the physical and geometrical characteristics
of the materials to be used in order to produce the undergarments. Studies were
conducted into the fabrics features as related to the method of knitting or
weaving and the effects resulting from these characteristics.

As a result of the KNOW-HOW techniques, undergarments achieve Superb
Fit, Functionality, and Beautiful Body Lines. These features are achieved
even if the undergarment is made of plain woven fabric.


Products embodying the new technical theories include women's, men's, and
children's basic undergarments and sportswear, as follows.

(i) Women's briefs, girdles, bodysuits and bodyshirts.
(ii) Men's briefs.
(iii) Children's briefs.
(iv) Various kinds of women/men's outer-type sportswear such as leotards
dancewear, gymnists'wear, track and marathon racewear, tenniswear
skiwear, basketball and volley-ball wear.
(v) A range of sports underwear.


There are "3 Vital Features" of the products embodying the new technical
theories including, Superb Fit, Functionality and Realization of Beautiful
Body Lines. Each of these features and their particular advantages will be
explained in thorough detail.


There are many advantages for the wearer, which can be provided from a
SUPERB FIT. One will certainly be surprised at the wearing comfort. Stated
hereunder are the points of advantages coming out from the KNOW-HOW.

1. The product is generally spherical and rounded resembling the shape of a
balloon, therefore provides a natural smooth fit when worn.

2. The three dimensional stitching method provides perfect deviation. The
product has modest derriere coverage and always fits to the human body
without slipping or loosening at the bottom of the buttocks region,
despite various movements.

3. The front line curved-in deeply, remains out of contact with the base
portion of the buttocks without permitting the rubber member to pull into
the inguinal groove and cause discomfort. This feature assures the leg
ease of movement, giving greater wearing comfort and prevents rashes
which may be caused due to the pull and friction of the rubber member.

4. The undergarment is ingeniously so designed, that the fabric fully wraps
the two bulges of the buttocks individually, while fitting into the furrow
between the buttocks. It is therefore, comfortable to wear providing
high stability and a close smooth fit.

5. When the undergarment is worn, the waistline always remains horizontal
in shape, without permitting the front portion to cause insufficient coverage
at the navel area and the rear portion to have unnecessary excess fabric
over the upper part of the rear waistline. The horizontal waistline is
superbly designed stepwise in seven variations for each of S, M, L and
XL sizes.

6. The narrow part of the crotch conventionally has a width of at least 8cm,
whereas the KNOW-HOW product is designed with a limit dimension
necessary to eliminate any excess fabric at the crotch. The crotch piece
will not cause discomfort or bulkiness. In this respect, the sanitary
briefs are also well designed.

7. The panties, briefs and sportswear, especially bikinis, are designed to
comfortably wrap the derriere to full extent. Accordingly, the buttocks
fabric portion will not slip upward, even if the wearer stoops down.
The waistline is horizontal and positioned at a much higher level than
in conventional products. Displacement of the front and rear portions
of the waistline does not occur, so the front abdominal piece will not
slip downward to a U-form, nor will it feel downwardly slippery.
The undergarment is therefore, comfortable to wear.

8. Full brief type undergarments, swimsuits and girdles have a bikini type
appearance from a side profile, fully wrapping the lower buttocks region.
Since the front line is horizontal, the abdominal portion of the undergarment
does not slip downward to a U-form, permitting a sufficient amount of
fabric to cover the abdomen with good stability. Thus, there is no excess
fabric at the upper region of the buttocks. These unique features provide
further wearing comfort.

9. The technical theories are based on the exhaustive research on the human
body structure, including the skeleton, muscles and fat formed in a complex
fashion in the integral combination of the waist, crotch and derriere.
Therefore, using these technologies, undergarments can be made to follow
and match perfectly to the various movements of the waist, through the
derriere in view of complex prominences and indentations. Furthermore,
the unique technologies will bring fourth precise and optimum fit,
regardless of the state of the body being at rest or in motion. In addition,
ski, golf or undergarments with leg portions can be produced with a better
fit by utilizing the KNOW-HOW technology.

10. The abdominal portion of the undergarment remains stable, producing
no adverse influence on the outer-garment.


The component pieces of fabric are stitched together, so as to fully wrap the
two bulges of the derriere individually(by perfect three-dimensional cutting
and stitching method for making a spherical undergarment) thus, providing
many advantages to the wearer as stated hereunder.

1. The undergarment follows with the motion of the human body, especially
with the movement of the waist region through the buttocks and thighs.
The undergarment naturally and functionally, conforms to the posture of the
body, whether it being at rest or in motion. Accordingly, when worn,
the undergarment remains in position without shifting or slipping.

2. The rubber member will not bind the body firmly, nor restrain the motion
of the muscle at a particular region. The undergarment excludes excessive
fabric portions which will impair the spherical form or constrict the
movement of the human body.

3. Knitted fabrics, when used exhibit high functionality. The fabric exerts
tension in the vertical direction and is stretchable in the lateral direction.
These characteristics produce a spherical form, that is tension due to deviation
resulting from cutting the fabric, together with the twist of the fabric itself.
An effectively stretchable material(rubber member) eliminates excess space
outside the spherical region and contracts the peripheral edge of the fabric
to create the spherical region and contracts the peripheral edge of the fabric
to create the spherical form. These effects are combined together to produce
a spherical undergarment. When the undergarment is worn, the individual loops
of the knitted fabric stretch with the movement of the waist, derriere and the
abdomen, acting as supporters. The fabric in entirety acts in conformity with
the supporter function of the individual loops for the undergarment to follow
and adjust precisely with the movement of the human body. As the fabric is cut
in precise conformity with the form and posture of the body (from an anatomical
and physiological viewpoint) and changes thereof, the undergarment is very
comfortable, easy to wear and highly functional, bringing fourth beautiful body
lines. Natural harmony is synonymous with wearing undergarments produced
using the KNOW-HOW technology.

4. Well balanced harmony is established between the KNOW-HOW product
in its entirety and the technical procedures for selecting or determining all
possible factors, including:

(i) the front line cutting position,
(ii) the derriere bottom wrapping position,
(iii) the position of the waistline,
(iv) the position of stitching the abdominal piece to the crotch piece,
(v) the position of stitching the buttocks' piece to the crotch piece,
(vi) the stretchable material (rubber member) having suitable strength
relative to the fabric to be used,
(vii) the length of the fabric,
(viii) and the stitching specifications and order and all size specifications
for the different sizes of S, M, L, LL, EL etc.

The entire undergarments produced are functionally in harmony with
variations in the movements of the human body.

5. The position of the waistline is precisely determined stepwise in seven
variations for the sizes of S, M, L and LL, while the waistline is positioned
above the hipbone to avoid any possible discomfort.


KNOW-HOW aims to provide the enhancement to the natural beautiful body
lines as described hereunder.

1. Further enhancements can be provided to the body line. Given that the
undergarment is in intimate contact with the body, the fabric exhibits its
characteristics freely, naturally and changes its form precisely with the
movement of the body. The appearance of the body is greatly enhanced,
creating the desired look. Regardless of the position of the wearer,
the undergarment will not shift, slip, loosen or curl inward at the bottom
of the buttocks.

2. The rounded derriere is given a neat and beautiful appearance. The fabric
fully wraps the two bulges of the buttocks individually, while fitting
into the furrow between the buttocks in intimate contact. As a result of
this special feature, the derriere is beautifully, spherically rounded
in shape.

3. The deep front-line cut enhances the leg appearance, looking longer, more
slender and beautiful. The parts of the human body have varying sizes,
lengths and widths from joint to joint, so that the beauty of the legs
unique to the wearer are enhanced and expressed.

4. There is no adverse influence on the outergarments. Delicate underwear
including panties, bikinis, and briefs are worn under tight skirts, Chinese
dresses, Japanese kimonos, fitted trousers, jeans and fashion trousers.
As the undergarments appear rounded over the derriere, there is a stable
feeling over the abdomen, and the undergarment does not drop. It remains
in position to represent a horizontal waistline. The undergarment is
ingeniously designed with deep front, high-leg lines and stepped seams
between fabric pieces, avoiding loose or excessive fabric portions.

5. Stitched seams are slightly stepped to provide an accessory like appearance,
giving a more flattering effect. The oblique seam at each side of the waist
extends along the curve of the hip, making the product appear more attractive
and elegant and serving as an accent to enhance the body look. Beneath the
buttocks, fabric pieces are joined by a seam, which produces a decorative

6. All undergarments are fashionable, including the high-leg styles. High-cut
briefs conventionally available on the market are limited to unfashionable
designs, whereas KNOW-HOW has taken into consideration the demands of
the fashion conscious female customers.

Regardless of the size and style, all undergarments have the ability to enhance
the natural body line and create an optimally beautiful look.

The nature of the human body with its complex prominences and indentations
including the muscles and fat tissues exhibit innumerable changes. When worn,
regardless of the varying body movements, KNOW-HOW's designs produce
at front, rear, left, upper and lower portions body lines which express and
enhance the beauty of the body line ... as long as the correct size is chosen.

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