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RGB Color Chart

Spontaneous Inc. is Multi/Versatile Creator of  Sensitive Html Layout Chart, VHLC(Versatile Html Layout Chart),
Attractive/Beautiful/Functional C.I.Web Design, Color Layout Chart, Frame Layout Chart in good Creative Sense.
We provide you with Multi Creative World realising Versatile/Attractive/Beautiful/Functional Web Design in
good sense. We have developped VHLC(versatile html layout chart), which is organized by Html pre-set Frame
Layout Chart in many different patterns. VHLC is acompanied with RGB Color Charts and Color Layout Charts,
specifically developped and edited. VHLC is useful for the beginners, amateurs and professinal web designers.
International VHLC Homepage School is now under consideration.

Kenji Hashimoto, 橋本健二
President of  Spontaneous, Inc.

 Color Layout Chart.

 Back Ground Color Chart.
 VHLC Sales Set.
 VHLC Home

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