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To whom it may concern,

Looking forward to our impending meeting, we take the liberty
to introduce ourselves as Madison International Marketing, Inc.
established in Japan since 1971. It is our desire to establish a
sound business relationship with a "POSITIVE"and successful
international company, possessing a good reputation and credit-
ability as prerequisites in such business field as of manufacturing
and/or marketing of undergarments and sportswear alike.
We would greatly appreciate it, if you you would invest your time and interest to converse yourselves with
our proposals forwarded hereto. We are exrtremely positive in proposing to you the unlimited business
opportunities having been made " Realizable", as a result of our Ultimate Underwear Technology.
We believe it would provide us both with a tremendous big business chance internationally if your
company and Madison could come down to the table of negotiation. Your prompt review of our
sincere business proposals and your positive consideration on them would be heartily appreciated.
It is common knowledge in the business world that"New Ideas" successfully developed will realize
tremendous profit, particularly in the field of consumer goods. Madison has gone to great lengths
to choose a relevant name " Spontaneous"for its " KNOW-HOW"technology,
as this unique design concept can produce such
unique features and characteristics underwear that promotes natural wearing comfort,
thereby encouraging free/natural body movements,
providing the wearer with Functionality/ Superb-fit
and Enhancement of Beautiful Body Lines. These
undergarments are comprised of a spherical shape,
fitting snugly to the body supporting the "MOST"
delicate inguinal region without iritation. Despite
complex movements of the hips, groin and derriere,
the wearer is assured of comfortability.

November 10, 2015

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Kenji Hashimoto, President, Multi Creator
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Introduction to Madison's Know-How
Unique Features and Characteristics
The Outline of "Know-How"
Theoretical Background/Current Situation of "Know-How"

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