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for beginners, amateurs
and for professionals
School 人の意識の中に
What's Internet ?
What's Multi Media ?
For the Beginners
For the Amateurs
For the Professionals
Key for the Future
What's Computers ?
What's Human ?
What's Life ?
Meaning of Life
Vhlc Homepage School
VHLC Introduction!
01. VHLC Homepage
02. What's VHLC
03. Greeting & Sample
04. Guidance & Sample
05. Homepage Value
06. HP Construction
07. HP Management
08. Highest Qualiy
09. Index Page Design
10. Price Information
VHLC Chart on Sale !
01. vhlc-sales-set00
02. vhlc-sales-set01
03. vhlc-sales-set02
04. vhlc-sales-set04
05. vhlc-sales-set05
06. vhlc-sales-set06
07. vhlc-sales-set07
08. vhlc-sales-set08
09. vhlc-sales-set09
10. vhlc-sales-set10
11. vhlc-sales-set11
12. vhlc-sales-set12
13. vhlc-sales-set13
14. vhlc-sales-set14
15. vhlc-sales-set15
16. vhlc-sales-set16
Background Colors
PC Color Layout
Web Design
Web home 開設運営管理
Web design 制作基本概念
Web costs コスト詳細説明
Index Page 顔ページ構築法
Shop ショッピングモール例
Corporation Design 企業1
Corporation Design 企業2
Corporation Design 企業3
Housing Site sample 家
Private Home Design 個人1
Private Home Design 個人2
Private Home Design 個人3
Art Design Station
Spontaneous Club
What's New 解説特集
Shopping & Advertising
Web pages must be
Attractive, Beautiful and Functional with Rich Contents.
When printed, contents should be clear enough to read.
VHLC-Multi/Versatile /Sensitive Html table layout chart in variety.
Web Designs will turn out to be attractive, beautiful, and functional.
研究されたVHLC ワク取り構図チャート

width="720" height="384"
VHLC 品番名: 01pc03-105fr
Html テキスト @600.- yen

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width="720" height="384"
VHLC 品番名: 01pc03-104fr
Html テキスト @600.- yen
width="720" height="384"
VHLC 品番名: 01pc03-103fr
Html テキスト @600.-yen
width="720" height="384"
VHLC 品番名: 01pc03-203xfr
Html テキスト @600.-yen
width="720" height="384"
VHLC 品番名: 01pc03-203fr
Html テキスト @600.-yen

Webird Net Guidance


VHLC ワク取り設定チャート VHLC Sales-set04   back to vhlc-set02  back to vhlc-set02
220種類以上のVhlc開発完成。 ここに現在85種類掲載、 11種類別途Frame77掲載、他掲載検討中。

Spontaneous Inc. is multi/versatile creator of Index Page html layout design chart, Vhlc, color layout chart,
and other frame layout chart in creative sense. We provide you with the creative world, realising versatile/
intelligent C.I.corporate identity web designs with attractive/beautiful/functional/sensitive/delicate factors.
VHLC is organized by html preset layout table frame chart in many different patterns. It is acompanied with
RGB color chart and color layout chart specifically developped and edited. All you have to do is to insert the
images and contents that you're planning, with your own font size/color variation and bgcolors/backgrounds
as well as functional cordings. Looking at the Vhlc framing layout, your own creative sense will be welling up
from the bottom of your inner thoughts. VHLC is totally useful for the beginners, amateurs and professinals.
We are producers of web designs for you to cutivate yourself and/or save time, while we are not specialized
in producing software and its programming. Vhlc is a tool, educational material, to be loved by the people at
all corners of the world. International Vhlc Homepage School is now under consideration. It is
highly appreciated if you would give us your kindest comments and advice in this concern.

Kenji Hashimoto, 橋本健二
President of  Spontaneous, Inc.

VHLC sales-set Total View
"Versatile Html Layout Chart"
Color  Vhlc Frame Chart.
Renewed on June 14, 2012 Kenji Hashimoto.

ご注文になられる場合は、VHLC: (例)、01pc00-103fr(例)等の品番名、
@¥500.-(例)商品の単価、VHLC: (例)、01pc03-203xfr(例)等の品番名、


VHLC ワク取り構図チャート集    申 込 書

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