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Intelligent/Sensitive HTML table frame Layout, Attractive/Beautiful/Functional Website Design Construction
国際的視野に立った国際感覚センスの良い個性的ホームページHP制作、ウエッブ サイト構築、デザイン相談。


Spontaneous, Inc Home
VHLC Homepage
forHomepage  Index Page Construction,
Versatile Html Pre-set Layout Chart,
for Intelligent/Sensitive Web Design,
for The World Unique Html Education
ウエッブCIデザイン用新ツールのホームページ Spontaneous, Inc.
e-mail: spinc@webird.ne.jp

Spontaneous, Inc. is one of the affiliated companies of Webird Net,
specializing in Website Index Page Design Construction, and sales of
Web Page Design Supporting Tool,VHLC (Html Layout chart),created
and supervised by Kenji Hashimoto, Webird,Spontaneous Inc.

Spontaneous Inc. is multi/versatile creator of   Index Page html layout design chart, Vhlc, color layout chart,
and other frame layout chart in creative sense. We provide you with the creative world, realising versatile/
intelligent C.I.corporate identity web designs with attractive/beautiful/functional/sensitive/delicate factors.
VHLC is organized by html preset layout table frame chart in many different patterns. It is acompanied with
RGB color chart and color layout chart specifically developped and edited. All you have to do is to insert the
images and contents that you're planning, with your own font size/color variation and bgcolors/backgrounds
as well as functional cordings. Looking at the Vhlc framing layout, your own creative sense will be welling up
from the bottom of your inner thoughts. VHLC is totally useful for the beginners, amateurs and professinals.
We are producers of web designs for you to cutivate yourself and/or save time, while we are not specialized
in producing software and its programming. Vhlc is a tool, educational material, to be loved by the people at
all corners of the world. International Vhlc Homepage School is now under consideration. It is
highly appreciated if you would give us your kindest comments and advice in this concern.

Yous sincerely,
Kenji Hashimoto

VHLC is truly international. Any language can be adopted therein. Kindly have a look at the below.
The index page is made mainly for the Japanese with a bit of information for the world.

Vhlc Sample No.1

Art & Science
artistic and realistic
motivational Web Design, Psychology
beautifully and attractively

Art & Science
artistic and realistic
motivational Web Design, Psychology
beautifully and attractively

bigger size view

Vhlc Sample No.2

Architectural/Interior Design,
House Re-Modeling Materials,
New Interior Materials,
Intelligent Exterior Materials

bigger size view

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VHLC sample No.5 series
簡単に出来る Html 基本構図集チャートです。これさえあれば、綺麗なページデザインができます。

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June 14, 2012 Kenji Hashimoto.