We are here to love.
We love spontaneous
human hearts, and
mastery for service.
Salt Lake, Nevada, USA Death Valley and Salt Lake
Nevada, U.S.A.
landscapes of 4,600,000,000 years ago
Welcome to our Home !
Death Valley, Nevada, USA
We would like to think about secrets of a birth of the earth.
Study of will, geology, geophysics, physics, biophysics, biology provide us with the answer.
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An united whole human wisdom for Biosphere Life-Birth/Life-Controlled Theory,
standing on the cosmic will, theoretical quatum physics, physiology and biophysics.

New Life-Birth/Life-Controlled Theory: Cosmic existence of galactic cosmic rays,
ultra-high energy cosmic rays, protons, electrons, atomic nuclei, atomic particles,
sub-atomic particles, solar neutrinos, magnetic fields and kinds/quantity of atoms
shutted-up/holded inside crystals - ingredients of the cystals of magnetite, also
self-consciousness/will-mass/will-energy of atoms/particles/magnetic monopole
could be considered to have given birth to life, and keep on giving a great influence
to all the organic central/partial system conditions of the atomic/molecular disposition
of particle physiological organs, body fluids,nurves,lymph,blood,ferment,protein,fat,
carbohydrates,muscles,functions of internal organs,heterotaxia, including cancers.
You will find a final solution in this kehMoo mystical Magnetite,and its natural magnetic
water, I believe.  Kenji Hashimoto, January 20, 2004

Ref:  Willion   Timebird
Ref:  Atoms holded inside Magnetite Crystals give mystical influences in Magnetic Water.