Vision of Spirits, Will of God   神々の意識の現れ



An united whole human wisdom for Biosphere Life-Birth/Life-Controlled Theory,
standing on the cosmic will, theoretical quatum physics, physiology and biophysics.

New Life-Birth/Life-Controlled Theory: Cosmic existence of galactic cosmic rays,
ultra-high energy cosmic rays, protons, electrons, atomic nuclei, atomic particles,
sub-atomic particles, solar neutrinos, magnetic fields and kinds/quantity of atoms
shutted-up/holded inside crystals - ingredients of the cystals of magnetite, also
self-consciousness/will-mass/will-energy of atoms/particles/magnetic monopole
could be considered to have given birth to life, and keep on giving a great influence
to all the organic central/partial system conditions of the atomic/molecular disposition
of particle physiological organs, body fluids,nurves,lymph,blood,ferment,protein,fat,
carbohydrates,muscles,functions of internal organs,heterotaxia, including cancers.
You will find a final solution in this kehMoo mystical Magnetite,and its natural magnetic
water, I believe.  Kenji Hashimoto, January 20, 2004

Ref:  Timebird

the Lights of God

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