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神秘の Mystical Magnetite 磁鉄鉱石
神秘の Mystical Mineral Water 天然磁気水
神秘の Mystical White Marble 大理石
Salt Lake, Nevada, USA
We would like to think about secrets of a life and the earth.
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BBC News:  Asia confronts quake catastrophe
The scale of devastation wrought by sea surges that killed about 23,000
people on Asia's shores is starting to emerge. The death toll is still climbing,
thousands are missing andmillions have been made homeless by the world's
worst earthquake in 40 years. At least 10 countries have been affected, with
Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Thailand among the worst hit. Around a million
are now homeless in Sri Lanka. International aid efforts have begun amid fears
that disease could spread through the disaster zone.
Updated: Monday, 27 December, 2004, 22:37 GMT

BBC News:  US pledges $350m in tsunami aid.
Updated: Saturday, 1 January, 2005, 05:51 GMT
The US plans to increase by 10-fold - to $350m - its contribution
to help the survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami. The largest
pledge so far was made just before talks between senior US and
UN figures on co-ordinating aid efforts. The UN says $1.2bn in
aid has been pledged so far, for about five million survivors.
But relief work appears disorganised, correspondents say.
At least 124,000 people died in the tsunami. The UN says
the toll is nearing 150,000 and may never be known.

2004: Asian quake disaster - more than 124,000 dead
2003: Earthquake in Bam, Iran, officially kills 26,271
1976: Earthquake in Tangshan, China, kills 242,000
1970: Cyclone in Bangladesh kills 500,000
1923: Tokyo earthquake kills 140,000
1887: China's Yellow River breaks its banks in Huayan Kou killing 900,000
1826: Tsunami kills 27,000 in Japan
1815: Volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora on Indonesia's Sumbawa Island kills 90,000
1556: Earthquake in China's Shanxi and Henan provinces kills 830,000

BBC News:  US presidents in tsunami aid plea.
Updated: Monday, 3 January, 2005, 22:55 GMT
President George W Bush and two of his predecessors, Bill Clinton
and George Bush Senior, have called on Americans to aid the Asian
tsunami's victims. The three appeared together at the White House
to issue a joint appeal to private citizens and businesses in the
world's richest nation.
The tsunami, triggered by an undersea earthquake off Indonesia,
killed some 150,000 people across the Indian Ocean. More than 1.8
million need food aid, and about five million are homeless.

BBC News:  Asia's tsunami death toll soars.
Updated: Wednesday, 19 January, 2005, 22:15 GMT
The number of people known to have died in last month's Asian tsunami
has reached 220,000. The toll increased dramatically after Indonesian
officials announced that more than 166,000 had been confirmed dead
in their country alone. Officials in Aceh say they are still removing
about 3,500 corpses a day. Most of the deaths came from the provinces
of Aceh and North Sumatra, which were directly hit by the tsunami. UN
and Indonesian officials have said the total number of deaths may never
be known.

An united whole human wisdom for Biosphere Life-Birth/Life-Controlled Theory,
standing on the cosmic will, theoretical quatum physics, physiology and biophysics.

New Life-Birth/Life-Controlled Theory: Cosmic existence of galactic cosmic rays,
ultra-high energy cosmic rays, protons, electrons, atomic nuclei, atomic particles,
sub-atomic particles, solar neutrinos, magnetic fields and kinds/quantity of atoms
shutted-up/holded inside crystals - ingredients of the cystals of magnetite, also
self-consciousness/will-mass/will-energy of atoms/particles/magnetic monopole
could be considered to have given birth to life, and keep on giving a great influence
to all the organic central/partial system conditions of the atomic/molecular disposition
of particle physiological organs, body fluids,nurves,lymph,blood,ferment,protein,fat,
carbohydrates,muscles,functions of internal organs,heterotaxia, including cancers.
You will find a final solution in this kehMoo mystical Magnetite,and its natural magnetic
water, I believe.  Kenji Hashimoto, January 20, 2004

Ref:  Timebird   Ref:  Mystical magnetite Energy
Ref:  Atoms holded inside Magnetite Crystals give mystical influences in Magnetic Water.

All the scientists including "Nobel-prize-winners of the world have not as yet found a grand-totally united theory for the Birth-Life and total phenomenal world of Biosphere, nor have they studied physics and biophysics including "Will-Energy"of each and every atom and cosmic ray,proton, electron, atomic nuclei, atomic particle,sub-atomic particle, solar neutrino, magnetic field. The Cosmos is totally controlled by "Will-Energies". All the phenomena of the Cosmos are the created results of "Will Energies". There exist "Will-mass","Will-particle", and "Conbustion of Will Energies" that have long been producing all the micro/dynamic visible existences in the grand universe. "Will" of "Will-Energy" described herein means the" will" that is creating energy in perfect conformity to the Divine Providence of the great Univerrse that God has created.

All the existing Search Engine Robots are not accepting a word "WILL" as the "Key Word". This fact is clearly showing how fool the managerial staffs and computer engineers in the TRUE SENSE of "Humanity". I honestly propose that Google Robot staffs will work it out, and create a technical method to accept the key word "(Will-)" at the soonest date. Unless otherwise all the world company owners, scientists and enngineers come to have a sense of studying "Will" really deep down to the bottom, all that they create and do will turn out to be the source of reasons to destroy a total life of Earth, this Mystical Existence of the Planet.   Ref:  Earth Day 2006 Message