Webird International Christmas Message, 2005
Sincere Message to all the people of the world.

Thank you for your coming to a true "Christmas"
Christmas Message,2005
Amazing Grace,Kenji Hashimoto

Jesus is crying for the ignorance of human behavior and lack of wisdom. The purpose of Earth Day April 22 is to get attention for the preservation of harmony of natural life resources of the planet - Earth.
Since the Birth, Human-Beings have NOT as yet been aware of the true responsibility and value of their lives - definitely being included in the natural life resources of the planet.
It must be A DAY when we all the human-beings with stubborn will and spontaneous heart getting-to-gether, no matter where we live, striving hard, hand in hand, to find realistic/effective ideas to protect natural life resources from being kept constantly ruined, and to act/behave the best and the most, for people of the world and the planet.

Kenji Hashimoto, in Japan, expresses herein a fatal necessity of changing human thoughts and ways of life in each individual's consciousness and inner heart. Unless otherwise one is truly aware of the true

True Christmas Message 2005
Message 2005

We must truly understand a real meaning of what Jesus Christ said "Faithful to God"

I pray He makes a smile on His face, looking at us, human-beings.

meaning of life and what is life in divinity, one's life turns out to be a meaningless and simple course of life , spending time only in eating, shitting, and sleeping, no matter how big assets, gold and human fame as well as credit and glory one might have. One must come to know "True" answer is rested in deep inside one's heart of each individual. No more killings !

One can not live alone. We are alive being supported and/or made to be alive by the countless number of people, commodities, and grand total
of the Nature. The only way for us to express our heartfelt appreciation and thanks and gratitude in reality of our ordinary day life is that we try and strive hard to make such people, commodities, and the grand total of Nature worth existing. We are the world, and the world is a garden of life. Harmony... of natural life resources would bring a true PEACE.

There is such a deep meaning in a Hymn, Amazing Grace as "I have been blind for 10,000 years, but now I see. This means that I am now really able to see the Lord, and can look into through His Will and Love in pure reason. An ordinary person needs more than 10,000 years to get this inner eyes in his or her history of life of the soul. To my regret, almost all the Christians are not aware of this fact, while singing this meaningful Hymn in a loud voice in vain without knowing the true preach of divinity hidden in a song, Amazing Grace.

Apologize for all your crimes and sins that you have not lived in comformity to the Lord's love without knowing the truth of God's Will. Because, God had sent your soul to the present pysical body in comformity to your soul level which you yourself have built up until now through more than 10,000 years of history on this Earth. Almost all, 99.9999% of Christians do not possess the true understanding of forgiveness, although they every day orally say - "Forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass agianst us" All the Christians' prayers start with {REQUEST} to God, and finish with requests, saying "Give us this day our daily bread , and Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil ..." This prayer is full of human egos. God is tired out of listening to it. God is always giving all the creatures all what they need. The most impotant thing is to look back on the past honestly in pure reason in divinity and humbleness, and express apologies first.

True apologies come welling up spontaneously from the bottom of one's inner heart when one comes to know truly the WISDOM of Heaven, which is spreading out all in/over the grand total of nature. And only when the Christians come to know a true teacher for the Wisdom of Heaven is the grand total of universe and nature of the Earth, they could truly realize that the Wisdom was/is rested in deep inside Jesus Christ's soul beyond time and place, beyond ages/centuries, and beyond the biosphere of the planet - earth. Each and every human should promote oneself in daily life to the most in the tru sense of intelligence, to know what one at present is not aware of. So doing, finally one would come to know the spiritual soul of the Jesus Christ had been a son of God, and not the physical body. I deeply pray that all the Christians of the world will truly learn/seize the divinity of Jesus Christ's spirit, letting their spiritual souls assimilate (adapt themselves) to the soul of Jesus Christ. True principle of "love" of what Jesus Christ had spiritually explained about is every now and then totally misunderstood by human egos. It's my prayer that all the human-beings would come to realise love is a will as well as universal consciousness, and fundamental principle of the macro/micro cosmos.

From the Nature,
Back to the Great Universe,

The Great Universe and the total Nature of the Earth are existing with variety of styles of LIFE controlled/manipulated in perfect balance and harmony, by the Principle - Wisdom of God; not by human monetary assets. Human money can not create the Principle of cosmos and the total nature of the Earth, nor can give birth to any kind of LIFE.  We, all the human-beings , are only making use of the God-created Wisdom of Heaven. We must truly acknowlege that all the fundamental existences and the Principle of the Great Universe had been created by God before the very first appearance of human-beings on the stage of Earth. People of the world nowadays measures the value of all the existences by weight of Gold. Something must be wrong !  We all human-beings have to think about this in the presense of almighty God, Heavenly Father.
The total human-made Conceptualism for THE CONCEPT of "What are Human Egos?" and/or THE NOTION of "What are Human Egos?" must be truly reviewed and revised by the true WISDOM of HEAVEN, standing on true human intelligence, silently, purely and spontaneously welling up in deep inside inner hearts of all the human-beings, not only by the Christians. Human egos themselves were originaly created by the wisdom of heaven, howevewr, at the same time, God had given all the human-beings so precious a thing as "FREEDOM", freedom of usage of Human-Will and freedom of method how to find/understand the grand total of the universe, and nature of the Earth through Science. If we, all the human, could come to realize "PERFECT WISDOM" on this side of the world, " true World Peace" and " true Silent Nitghs" for Merry Christmas would be truly achieved.

In this side of the world, the average period of human life time could be regarded as 70-80 years. Depending on each and every person's soul level, the moment that his or her inner eyes get opened fully is each different. Only when you come to understand deeply how to apologize to the Lord, your inner eyes would come to be wide-opened by God, not by you, and you come to really see Amazing Grace of the Lord.

Almighty GOD had given a responsibility to His son, Jesus Christ, for him to let all the human-beings come to know a total micro/macro cosmos including the grand Nature of the Earth is a fundamental TEXT BOOK to learn "What is Harmony?  and  What is the real meaning of Life?" ART of GOD - micro/macro cosmos and grand Nature of the Earth, is not at all showing Darkness and Fear, nor ego. It is full of "Lights" and "Harmony". In reality; there only exist the PRINCIPLE - GOD's WILL. Darkness and fear come out from the results of human behaviors based on human egos. Ego itself is not always a negative thing, but at many times it turns out to be a base of power of positive/right behaviors and human creative activities in the biosphere of LIFE on this Earth. There are 2(two) types of Egos. One is Ego that tries to flolow the principle of "ART of GOD". The other is Human "Ego" that tries to flolow the Human "Avarice". We all know that avarice knows no bounds. Human avarice for comodities never satify the soul. The soul is only satisfied with "Truth". Therefore, How to use "freedom" of "Will" is the most imortant key to achieve a "World Peace"

A certain bishop says;
"We wait in darkness, fearing that the light will never come. We wait in silence, fearing that there will be no good news. We wait alone, fearing the isolation and separation that darkness brings. We attempt to illumine our own path, but find neither the way nor the truth.
The song of the angels and the glory of the heavens pierce our darkness and fill our silence. Joy overcomes our terror and we believe the wondrous good news that Jesus, Savior and Messiah, has been born. We rejoice, carrying the light of Christ as we tell the Good News to everyone."

However, the true/real/precise meaning of the "DARKNESS" and "LIGHT" is not at all explained therein. Phrases and words are too beautiful to be truly and precisely understood by the majority of people of the world, from the young to the old beyond the border of countries and religion. We all must be well aware of the FACT that Jesu Christ was not a graduate of any UNIVERSITY , but was a man of PRINCIPLE, being as a son of GOD in divinity.

True Christmas is the Incarnation of the Divine in a wooden bucket with horse's food, bait, wherein the Jesus Crist was made to be born in Bethlehem by God. Jesus Christ was not born in the rich surrounded by the luxuries. He was humble from the birth, and all through his life, he humbled himself, to the point of being killed on the cross. True Christmas is a Given event to recognize all the human-beings must accept their own responsibility standing in solidarity for the "Truth". Having true "Love" deep inside one's inner heart, one can come to realise how to bring forth the true "Harmony" Peace on this side of the world.

God's Will made a Big-Ban of the Will at
the very beginning of the Great Universe,
in the form of radioactive quarks and particles 
prior to the God's Creation of the total Cosmos.God's Will was brought to
the Earth,in mind to establish the Perfect Bioshere
on the Planet. For unto us, Human-Beings, a child
Jesus Christ is born. Unto us a Son is given.
God's Will itself made a "Big-Bang of the Will" at the very beginning of the Great Universe, in the form of radioactive quarks and particles prior to the God's Creation of the total Cosmos. God's Will was brought to the Earth,in mind to establish the Perfect Bioshere on the Planet. For unto us, Human-beings, a child, Jesus Christ is born. Unto us a Son is given.

Sincere Christmas Message 2005 to all the people of Japan.
What's a true Christmas ? 本当のクリスマスとは?

男と女が特別なロマンティックなムードの中でセックスをする為の お祭りの特別な日ではありません。欲しい「もの」を手にいれて物 に対する欲を満足させる日でもありません。また商売上の金もうけ のネタにする為の日でもありません。日本の世間一般的な思いかたは、 このような、まったくバカげた発想と思いにかかわることがらの報道 やPRが蔓延しており、政治家、経済指導者、宗教家、教育者、マス コミ報道機関による批判的な意見や、より正しい理解へのガイド的 な導きになる内容はほとんどみられません。これでは、霊性のない 単純ないろいろな欲の満足の為に生きている人間が増えるばかりで、 人類の真の進歩向上発展は望めません。物質欲とお金にしか反応 しない人類社会の存在でしかありません。

2005年前に、貧しさのため、ユダヤのベツレヘムの馬小屋でしか 生まれることができなかった一人の人間、イエスキリスト、Jesus Christ の誕生を心からお祝いすべき日でありシーズンなのです。 何故お祝いし、霊的な行事がキリスト教の教会で行われるのか?、、、 を立ち止まって全ての人々が静かに考えていただきたいと思います。

かつて一人の人間として生きたイエスキリストその人物の、この世への誕生を心から 祝福し感謝し、自分達が過ごしてきた年月を、その日々を冷静に深く振り返えるべき 時節であり、日であるのです。どのような人間として生きてきたか?を、思い考えて、 理想的な人間の "生き方と人生の意味と価値"を思い考える時、「霊性」 を人格の中 に開かれたイエスキリストが、人々に解き教えて下さった、良き人生に対する教えの 全てを感謝し、神への懺悔の心と悔い改めの意思をもってその誕生をお祝いすること のすべてが、クリスマスです

心の中に霊性を開いて、人生は何のためにあるのか? 命とは何か? 自分は神 から与えられた命を真実意識しているのか?大切にしているだろうか? 他人の命 と、地球上の一切すべての命を、自分を愛するように愛しているだろうか?

cone nebula  N6618 horsehead nebula

earliest stars' nebula

遠い宇宙の彼方のGalaxy 銀河が生まれ出てくる星雲、星集団、Quasar Galaxies
しょうか? この真実に目覚めること気ずくこと深く考えることから命の尊さを骨身
に沁みて感じるようになってきます。 命の尊厳を感得して人間としてこの素晴らし

といったようなことがらに、思いをよせてクリスマスを過ごしていただきたいと、心から 祈り願っています。個人個人の欲望の満足のため、商売の利益追求のためにクリスマス が叫ばれ、若者達や性欲の亡者たちがセックスをする為の最高の日のような様子の うかがえる世間一般の日本の年末クリスマスは、本来の精神性が全く欠落した バカ祭り行事となってしまって、宗教家も、政治家も、教師も、誰一人として公的に 異議を唱えない心貧しき日本人。 これで良いわけがありません

神は 人間に必要な物一切全てを大自然の中に与えて下さっていると、私は思ってい ます。環境を破壊し生きとし生ける一切全ての「いのち」への尊厳を理解でき ずに自然界の命とその摂理を解釈できずに環境を汚染し続けている、わたし達。 一人の人間であるあなたは、どのような人生を過ごして行かれるのでしょうか?

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆♪   Merry Christmas  ♪♪
♪♪  メリークリスマス  ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

The Passion of Jesus Crist

BCつまり、Before Christ、キリストの前と表現します。 真実の尊さへの目覚や
日本国中で叫ばれている今日この頃あなたは、いかがですか? 私達は心の中の

新世紀第6回目のクリスマス。 あなたは誰とこの厳粛な思いを祝うのでしょうか?
家族と、恋人と、友だちと、それとも、、、 一人もの思う、ロンリークリスマス?

Christmas Card to you !

Web Energy Bird (Webird)
Kenji Hashimoto, Chiyoko Takayama, Ph D. Masaru Imada, Kazuko Sakamoto,
Norio Fujiwara,Tatsuo Kitamura, Akio Niwa, Yutaka Hamanaga,
Shoryu Kitsuki, Tatsuo Yokoo


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