The word "VHLC"and its contents,Versatile Html Layout Chart,Html preset, were
first created/developed in 1994 by Spontaneous Inc,Webird,Japan. We have more
than 500 explanatory web pages at the "Webird" site.

Versatile Html Layout Chart for Web Design

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VHLC Homepage
forHomepage  Index Page Construction,
Versatile Html Pre-set Layout Chart,
for Intelligent/Sensitive Web Design,
for The World Unique Html Education
ウエッブCIデザイン用新ツールのホームページ Spontaneous, Inc.
e-mail: spinc@webird.ne.jp
Html Design Tool
Collection 2005

Introduction of Sample Frame Chart No.5
Introduction of  the Total VHLC World

見本Vhlc Html レイアウトチャートNo.5の説明
65 Basic VHLC Html Layout Charts on Sale
and Introduction of VHLC set, including
selected PC Color Sample Layout Chart

現在販売中の65種類のベーシックなVhlc HTML
含まれているPC カラーレイアウト集の案内ページ
Brief Introduction of VHLC, World Unique
概略説明: Vhlc Html 基本ワク取設定構図集
Detailed Explanation of VHLC/Sample Layout Chart,
World Unique Education Tool for Html Layout Design
and website Intelligent Index Page Construction

詳細説明[1]: Vhlc Html インデックスページのレイアウト用
Greeting by the Creator, Cost Information,
Detailed Explanation(2) of VHLC & its Characteristics,
World Unique educational factor of Vhlc layout chart,
and Ideas for the Intelligent Index Page Construction

詳細説明[2]: ごあいさつ、Website.indexインデックスページ
Kindly accept my great favour to ask of you.

RGB color chart
RGB color layout chart

background color chart
background color layout chart

New Frame-77 で解説
New Frame-77 で解説
New Frame-77 で解説
HP cost information

Spontaneous, Inc. is one of the affiliated companies of Webird Net,
specializing in Website Index Page Design Construction, and sales of
Web Page Design Supporting Tool,VHLC (Html Layout chart),created
and supervised by Kenji Hashimoto, Webird,Spontaneous Inc.

Thank you for your visit to Vhlc site !
Kindly accept my great favour
to ask of you.

To all the visitors of the world: For you to join in creating
"Software" of VHLC for the IT world !
For beginners, amateurs, and professionals

To whom it may concern:

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Subject:  VHLC, Versatile Html Layout Chart, Very Unique Tool set
Date:  14 July 2000 08:25:20 -0500
From:  "Kenji Hashimoto, japan" spinc@webird.ne.jp
Newsgroup:  earthweb.html.frames,

Subject:  VHLC, Versatile Html Layout Chart, Very Unique Tool set
Date:  18 July 2000 01:06:06 -0500
From:  "Kenji Hashimoto, japan" spinc@webird.ne.jp
Newsgroup:  earthweb.html.images

Subject:  VHLC, Versatile Html Layout Chart, Very Unique Tool set
Date:  18 July 2000 01:11:56 -0500
From:  "Kenji Hashimoto, japan" spinc@webird.ne.jp
Newsgroup:  earthweb.html.text

Subject:  VHLC, Versatile Html Layout Chart, Very Unique Tool set
Date:  18 July 2000 01:19:52 -0500
From:  "Kenji Hashimoto, japan" spinc@webird.ne.jp
Newsgroup:  earthweb.appdev.general

Subject:  VHLC, Versatile Html Layout Chart, Very Unique Tool set
Date:  18 July 2000 01:22:46 -0500
From:  "Kenji Hashimoto, japan" spinc@webird.ne.jp
Newsgroup:  earthweb.web development.general

Category : Development Software/Tools/New Business Program
Subject: VHLC-Versatile Html Layout Chart set,
New Type of coordinated/sophisticated Web Page Tool
for Index Page Construction and Website C.I.Designs

Dear Visitors/Experts/Investers,

It should be greatly appreciated if you would have a look at VHLC,intelligently developed,Versatile Html Layout Chart that is accompanied with PC-Color Chart, PC-Color Layout Chart,Background Color Chars, Background Color Layout Chart. Presently VHLC belongs to a set of tool, however, VHLC could be modified up to "Software" by developers technically for the total public to make use of it for their attractive, beautiful,functional web page planning and index page construction designing. It is my personal great favour to ask of you, World Investers and ITworld's programmers, and those who spontaneously cooperate with me in developping "VHLC Software" and marketing it in the world computer Educational Material and/or Equipment Market. Kindly,therefore, refer to;

My main home
and click VHLC and/or a banner entitled Business.

Or, go directly to VHLC Home
and click

Sample-made VHLC home page
Art & Science;
VHLC Layout Chart therein used
Characteristics: Only one(1) TABLE page construction

VHLC Layout Charts now on sale and some other VHLC layout charts separately reserved are herein disclosed in the form of images. Kindly click the buttons of Basic 85-1,2,3, 4,5,6,7, Price info and Chart No.5. Also click all the buttons underneath VHLC reserved pannel, and the under-lined descrition hereunder for your review and consideration.


VHLC Introduction,概略説明

VHLC Explanation(1),概略説明, Educational Material

VHLC Explanation(2),概略説明,Greetings/Characteristics
Frame No.5 Explanation and Vhlc Price Information

VHLC-Set Color Layout Charts and Color Charts

Home of Spinc
Spontaneous, Inc.

From different sites to view the above

All from the beginners to pros can save time in creating neat and beautiful Html Web pages as well as office routine Index pages, learning spontaneously how to make proper layouts and html text sources. World developers of design tool have not been marketing VHLC type of coordinated/sophisticated set-tool.VHLC, the versatile html layout chart, is accompanied with color chart,color layout chart, background color chart, background color layout chart.

VHLC is totally very unique, however, merits, values and needs, also conveniences are universary common to everybody. VHLC can be an intelligent solution to one of the grievances the public for sure have. VHLC is a blackhole tool in the Index page construction and designing.

In order to accelerate IT revolution not only in USA but at all corners of the world, computer experts are watching a reality and pay attention to the specific professional areas, producing new products, realizing PR/Ad/publicity, and supply the public with any new hardware, software, information, e-business.Thus, the experts are constantly introducing new ideas and products, also new services to the public. Nevertheless, such a product like VHLC has not as yet been existing in the world IT educational market.

Let me propose VHLC to you as a good Guiding and Teaching material for Education to the public, to bring up them to a higher level in web page construction. For them to get accustomed to making their own web pages easily/attractively/beautifully, and functionally; for them to get more involved in the information technologies and operations; for them to get more interested in what the experts are pursuing in the information technologies, softwares, and tools; I herein propose that use of VHLC can make the majority of the public learn spontaneously Html text sources feeling at ease without any grievances, and find out steps as to how the good web pages are made. VHLC itself provides good and proper education in producing html texts to the users, and gives a good stimulation in creating dreams and thoughts rested in the users. VHLC can become a good friend, partner and lover to the users. Providing VHLC to the publicw would be an outstandingly good idea to let them have joyful feelings facing up with their own artworks of the web page appearing on their computer screens. Consequently they come out into the Internet world vigorously with self-contentment, satisfaction and curiosity. The total public is always a fundamental base factor in any kind of Educational Program and business.

Investers/Experts as a Light House, and All the Visitors' opinions

give me your comments and advice, and kindly assist/help me in your expert minds as to how VHLC could be supplied to the public, and how should it be handled. If VHLC is supplied by the experts to the public, it'll become a great contribution to the people of the world, from the young to the old.

Additionally, for your review to see quite a differentcreative phase of me, 15 countries patented spherical underwear technologies and "Know-Hows" at:

I am a Japanese, having lived in a multi creative R&D world, developing new products, manufacturing and marketing. Computers and Web Designs are new to my carrier with only 7 years of experience. Now, facing up with a theme as to how internationally I could set up a promotional platform and to whom/how I should realize presentations, I've come to w.w.w. World Wide Web..

For your further development and ever lasting success of your future business maintaining charming human relationship with the public and your customers, kindly spare time to think about your handling the total VHLC technologies(ideas) in mind to supply VHLC to the public, your hardware/software customers and to whom it may concern, to further upgrade total sales of your series of services and your products to all over the world. Your customers consequently will supply VHLC to schools. WWW comes to be loved by the people of the world much much more.

Thank you very much for your kindest/utmost attention.
Looking forward to receiving your comments and guidance.

Yours sincerely,

Kenji Hashimoto 橋本健二
Spontaneous, Inc.

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